Frequently asked questions

When should I begin my search?

We recommend beginning your search for a rental home 4-6 weeks prior to when you want to move in. Searching for a property too far in advance can be discouraging if your dream home is no longer available once you’re ready to move. Existing tenants typically provide 30 days notice and landlords are eager to rent; sometimes they are willing to negotiate depending on your timeline.

Can I bring my pet?

Potentially, yes. Some complexes and owners don't allow pets in rental properties. However generally if an owner does allow a pet expect to pay CI$500 pet deposit and be sure to include this in your budget.

What about children?

Children are welcome in most rental homes but there are a handful of complexes that don't allow children, so be sure to ask up front.

Where do I start?

Most people are drawn to the beauty and buzz of Seven Mile Beach, however rents along this corridor are higher than neighbouring areas. Your agent will be help you find the perfect neighbourhood to fit your budget and needs. Go to CAYMAN TIPS for more information.

Are Internet and TV included in the rental fee?

Not always. Many complexes to include the basic cable TV in the rent but it's not a given, so do check when viewing.

How do I get around?

Public transport in Cayman is quite basic. We suggest you budget for you own transportation whether it be a car, scooter or bicycle. Keep in mind it's hot here and the wet season is just that: wet! If you need to rely on public transport, make sure you let your rental agent know that being on a bus route is a must.

How long is a rental lease?

The standard lease agreement is a minimum of one year. Searching for a shorter lease term will likely prove difficult and limit your options and is likely to be more expensive.